Tuesday, August 13, 2013

STTG Election

It’s STTG election time! Since we are halfway through our two year term for the TG Chair (Greg Fitch) and Newsletter Editor (Nick Gkikas), we are looking for one or more nominees for each of the following positions:

·         Program Chair Elect (1 year as Elect + 1 year as Program Chair)
·         Webmaster (1 year term)

Positions become effective at the close of the 2013 TG business meeting. You may nominate yourself or a colleague. If you nominate someone else, please check to be sure that the person is willing to run. Following HFES rules, nominees for the Program Chair Elect position must be Full Members of HFES and members of the TG. The Webmaster position can be filled by any HFES member provided they are members of the TG.

Please reply to Greg Fitch (gfitch@vtti.vt.edu) with nominations by August 26th, 2013. Election ballots will be emailed shortly after the close of the nomination cycle.

Position Descriptions

Program Chair Elect: Understudy and assistant to the 2013-2014 program chair (Anuj Kumar Pradhan). The Program Chair Elect becomes the Program Chair for the 2015 annual conference (in LA). The Program Chair is responsible for overseeing the technical review of proposals submitted for the HFES Annual Meeting.

Webmaster: Responsible for maintaining the STTG website and Linkedin group.